What is an Alpha Submissive

What is an Alpha Submissive
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I’m going to break away from my usual ‘gender neutral’ approach to writing for this, for the sake of my own sanity!

If you ever meet an alpha, you could be forgiven for assuming that you’ve met a Domme. You’d even be forgiven for making the mistaken assumption that you’re talking to a complete man-eating bitch that’s willing to walk all over everyone to get what she wants.

And to an extent you’d be right because an alpha knows exactly what she is, what she wants, what she needs and has a fair idea about how she’s going to get it. She will often come across as very sexual and will leave you in no doubt about her intentions. She’s confident, demands respect, has high standards and is usually very proud of her accomplishments. This can lead other women to be jealous of her.

An alpha want’s to be owned, taken even, but only by a truly deserving Dominant. She will only submit to the right dominant, one that knows exactly how to handle her, how to push her buttons and how to control her. She may allow you to dominate her for a while to “test you out” but if she feels that you don’t have what it takes to really give her what she needs, or if she thinks you’re just ‘playing at being a Dom’ she’ll chew you up and spit you out so fast that you won’t know what hit you. Because of this they can come across as a challenge, bratty or even high maintenance, and if you’re not the right Dominant for them, then they absolutely are all of those things.

Alphas have strong personalities and can be very opinionated, demanding and will usually come across very confident. But they need to submit, in fact they are often longing to do so because its so hard for them to find the right Dom. So they will test you to your limits, and they’ll do it quickly. They’ll ask the same question in different ways, they’ll ask questions that you might not be comfortable answering, they’ll even make you feel like you’re in an interview at times, because they don’t want to waste any time, they want to see any signs of a red flag early on. Unfortunately, this can often result in alphas being seen as fakes or ‘playing games’ or even switches who want to be in control and submit to nobody. But this is far from the truth.

An alpha is not a Dominant, far from it in fact. They want to be controlled, dominated, owned. They want to surrender to their Dominant, they want to be treated like the property of their Dominant to be used for his pleasure. That doesn’t mean that they will allow themselves to be abused, they are no push over, they know a true heart and will only allow themselves to be controlled by someone who’s shown that they really deserve their submission. In return, the Dominant gets a loyal, devoted, highly sexual submissive who wants nothing more than to please her Dominant.

An alpha want’s and needs constant attention, so you must challenge them and discipline them if they step out of line. Don’t ask them, TELL them what you want. If you show any sign of weakness, they’ll take control, and that’s no fun for an alpha because they really don’t want to be in control, REALLY, THEY DON’T! They need you to be assertive (but not aggressive) and impose your will. They need to be tamed, they need you to MAKE them WANT to let go and submit whilst at the same time they want the loving, nurturing companionship found in any other D/s relationship.

An alpha is often (but not always) in a dominant position in their vanilla life. It could be they have a senior position at work for example. This doesn’t mean that every submissive in a good job is an alpha, and this is a generalisation, but you will usually find that an alpha has some form of responsibility and as a result, they can find it hard to ‘switch off’. This is why it takes a very strong Dominant to make her his captive.

The problem for the alpha is that most men are brought up to be gentle and respectful towards women and when they come across a strong woman, they over compensate on the nice, polite, softly softly approach. This is the complete opposite of what the alpha needs. she wants to be manhandled, she wants to be “taken”, she wants to be overpowered. She wants her man to ‘be a man’!

An alpha will generally want to be in a monogamous relationship with her Dominant. But if she does allow others, she will want to be Dominant to them or at least the ‘Number One’ submissive. She will be the boss when the Dominant is not about but she will also protect the others within the dynamic. Anyone messing with her Dominant’s ‘property’ had better watch out as she will fiercely protect them like they’re her own. There’s nothing wrong with that and it’s good for the Dominant too as he knows his property is under the watchful eye of someone that will stand up for what’s right. He also knows that his alpha is more than capable of looking after herself should the need arise. In fact, she will need him to trust her to do so, safe in the knowledge that she will call on his help if she needs it.

All submissives have their ideas of what they look for in a Dominant and that Dominant must continue to display those qualities. The difference with an alpha is that their needs are much stronger and so their expectations of their Dominant are higher. It’s a lot for a Dominant to live up to and many don’t want the “full on” task of owning an alpha or wondering if they can live up to her high expectations. This makes it more difficult for the alpha to find the right Dominant and can lead to the alpha feeling that they will never find “the one”. But because they know exactly what they’re worth, an alpha will generally hold out for “the one” and in the end their patience will pay off because by waiting for the right partner, who’s worthy of their submission the rewards for the alpha are just as intense as the rewards for the Dominant.

Because alphas, and the Dominants they’re attracted to, are usually highly intelligent, some fascinating debates and banter can take place with each literally ‘bouncing’ off the other and thus adding to the sexual chemistry within the dynamic. Especially if she wins in the battle of wills but he turns it against her in a battle in the bedroom.

The rewards of being involved with an alpha are immense. If you can break through that tough outer shell and break down the walls you will find a fascinating, intelligent, sensual, loving, passionate and loyal submissive that will be everything you ever dreamed of and much more besides in an almost ‘too good to be true’ kind of way. But the chemistry, the trust, the companionship and the sense of belonging together are second to none. Once you’re deemed to be ‘the one’ and you get that submission that the alpha is so desperate to give, then your relationship will go from strength to strength, like an unstoppable tsunami. All in all, an alpha and the right Dominant are the ultimate match made in heaven.