A Little’s Needs Manifesto

A dear friend posted a list of what she wanted and needed in a relationship and it inspired me to create a list of my own.  Somewhere along the way, it stopped being referred to as my “Needs and wants list” but instead became my Manifesto.  So what is on my manifesto?

It holds the answer to the question what do I need from a partner…. what do I want?  What would/will make me happy in a relationship?  What would be missing?  In a perfect world, what would my partner possess?  This manifesto is the list that came to my mind when I allowed myself to be totally open and honest.

Do I expect Him to have everything on this list? No.  Do I expect Him to give me everything on this list?  No.  But I would love for Him to at least understand the desires expressed here.

  • I need someone who needs to be needed. Someone who sees the responsibilities of ownership as something that gives them joy and peace. Someone for whom I am not a burden, but a passion. A man who sees Dominance as a way of making themselves and those they are responsible for better people, and not just a way to get their own needs met.
  • I need someone who appreciates the trueexchange of power. Someone who needs to give what I need to receive. Someone who needs to receive what I need to give. Someone who gets as much joy in the exchange of meaningful interaction as I do.
  • Someone who will appreciate my service and all the things that I do and the efforts I make to give them a feeling of importance in my life. Someone who lets me know in a million different ways, every day that I am valued, and that my service and submission brings them pleasure and adds to their life, rather than just being something expected and taken as a given.
  • Someone who takes the time to build a foundation and works hard to keep adding to those bottom layers as we add the extra (and yes necessary) interests and activities on top. Someone who craves the deeper connection that a M/s or D/s relationship allows for and wants to take advantage of it.
  • Someone who is not afraid to fail, has the courage to take chances and risk getting hurt to gain something more in their life. Someone who wants/craves/needs to do the work as they know the benefits that comes from it.
  • Someone who is in touch with their inner world. I need a partner who is capable/desires to dig into the wounds of the past and push through them to the other side. Someone who is dedicated to self-improvement and self-reflection both for themselves and me.
  • With that said, I need someone who will equally push me to dig into my inner world and heal my own wounds; someone who is interested in and dedicated to my self-improvement and self-reflection, so that it won’t affect what we are trying to build.
  • I need and admire someone who desires to know my mind and never stops trying to understand more about me. Someone who is delighted by the things that I dig into, even when they are strange or uncomfortable or circular because they see me trying to grow.
  • Someone who can admit when they are wrong or have made a mistake, instead of being a mask of ego and false pride. Who will hold me accountable and will not settle for excuses on my part about my own mistakes and wrongs.
  • Someone who can be vulnerable and lay themselves bare, without fear of judgment from me. A man capable of allowing me to care for him when needed and who knows there is no weakness in this.
  • I need someone who is realistic, and grounded in reality, and understands that all fantasy is possible when approached from a place of authenticity. Someone who will never stop wanting to learn more, do more, be more, feel more, experience more, practice more, create more, inspire more.
  • I need someone who is filled with gratitude instead of entitlement when he thinks about my submission to him.
  • I need and admire someone who will never let me fall into the abyss, but is always there to catch me when I am weak and frightened and struggling. I need someone who wants to be in this role. Someone who gets satisfaction and pleasure from being my rock.
  • I need someone who is more stubborn than I am and can silence me with a look, but who also uses this power judiciously and appreciates the contributions of my mind. Who remembers his place in my life even when I am caught in my head and forget even momentarily.
  • I need someone who knows that I am human and will make mistakes, and never makes me feel like their love for me is conditional on my perfection.
  • I need and admire someone who will never put the kink before the foundation because they trust that the foundation will carry us through anything that comes up and the kink will never go away as long as we are dedicated to one another.
  • I need and admire someone who knows that they will fail, and that I will fail as well, but that we will pick each other up, dust each other off and start again tomorrow.
  • Someone who craves deep conversations, wants to dig into all the crevices of my mind and understand what makes me tick, and wants to reveal themselves to me in the same fashion.
  • At the same time, someone who sincerely appreciates the value of not having to fill silence with small talk and can sit comfortably together and just be. To be able to sit in the same room and do different things or within the same apartment and not feel like we have to “be” together doing the same things all the time.
  • I need someone who wants to lay under the stars and get lost in the wonder of infinity. Someone willing to go to the comic book store with me and not say mean things about my collection.  Someone who will cuddle me on the couch and watch Tinkerbell movies with me.
  • I need someone who is tender and funny and silly; someone who isn’t afraid to live life without a mask. Someone who can enjoy my Little antic’s and smile/laugh with me
  • I need and admire someone who is dark, and scary and rigid without losing the underlying connection and normal interactions that are the glue of the relationship.
  • I need and admire someone who can truly affect me on a deep-down core level, rather than relying on gimmicks and bluster. I need someone who will learn my psychology and use my own strengths and weaknesses as guideposts to create my experience with them, raising me up and challenging me to be my best self.
  • I need someone who will keep me on track and expect the best from me.
  • I need someone who makes me a priority in their life to the same degree that I make them a priority in mine. Someone who never expects more from me than they are willing to give.
  • I need someone who is generous with their time and their affection. No I don’t mean I need to be up under him all day and night but rather when we are together, we are TOGETHER and not rushed.  That we can touch and be touched.
  • I need someone who is not afraid to use me and make me feel like a slut. Someone who is not afraid to hurt me, mark me, scare me, push me, make me cry, to make me live on the edge of the blade. Someone who understands that I need to see the marks the next day sometimes to remind myself of the time that I spent with him.
  • I need someone who has no desire to break me, but rather seeks to build me up and foster in me a peace and comfort in my service to them. Someone who wants me to feel important and loved. Someone who hurts when I hurt and feels happiness when I am happy.
  • I need someone who loves all parts of me. The goofy, the slutty, the intellectual, the writer, the woman, the sexual being, the spiritual creature, the nature lover, the sensitive tender-hearted girl, the indomitable force, the geek, the mother, the friend, the partner in life, the sounding board, the healer, the rational mind, the kinky freak, the lover, the soft snuggler, the bondage lover, the complicated, the simple, the broken, the striving, the dedicated, the heart that bleeds to please, the greedy piggy, the realist, the dreamer, the romantic, the whore, the catalyst, the soother, the quiet, and the storm.
  • I need someone who is not afraid of my strength, but rather is proud that all that I am belongs to them and is in their service as well as my own.
  • I need someone who appreciates the fact that I am the sweet innocent girl next door, the confident woman who carries herself with class, but behind closed doors is a feline in need of feeding. A woman who needs to release her inner slut to him and be His pretty little fuck doll, and insatiable cock addicted thing begging to be fucked flat and who will thank him for the experience.
  • I need someone who holds themselves to high standards and never stops striving to be the best person they can be, and expects the same thing from me.
  • I need someone who craves authenticity, honesty and openness.
  • I need someone who wants laughter as a permanent fixture in their home.
  • I need and admire someone who is real, and is really good at it.
  • I need and admire someone who is a kinky fucker.
  • I need and admire someone who is a considerate lover.
  • I need and admire someone who is a mental Sadist and enjoys a good mind fuck.
  • I need someone who is chivalrous, a gentleman.
  • I need someone who is a compassionate caretaker of my Little side, understanding that this is my tender emotional side.
  • I need someone who would rather cut off their own hand than injure my spirit.
  • I need and admire someone who will praise me when it is deserved and scold me when it is warranted.
  • I need someone who craves/desires spanking as much as I do. Someone who understands how it resets my brain be it for something I’ve done wrong or just a weekly maintenance spanking to remind me of my place.
  • I need someone who craves/desires protocols and rituals as much as I do. Be it something simple as waiting for him to open my car door, kneeling when we come together, or kneeling to ask permission to come to his bed.  Someone who craves to see me on my knee’s as much as I desire to be on them.
  • I need someone who understands my oral fixation and need for his cock in my mouth. Someone who won’t make me feel bad for the timing of requests to suck his cock and will even at times request it.  Knowing that it’s not about feeling him cum but the joy of tasting him.
  • I need someone who will understand that at times I need to feel used sexually for his pleasure. Be it his need to plug my ass, to eat my pussy, or suck my nipples.  To be used as his favorite fuck toy and play thing.  To lose myself not in IF I or he cums but the thrill and joy of his touch and the affirmation that my body is his property.


What I hope/love to find

  • Someone who is proud to say I belong to them. To claim me, collar me, chain me, and bind me to them with an unbreakable bond of love.
  • Someone who sees me as a woman they cannot live without, and who would do anything to see me smile.
  • Someone willing to do/say the little things that makes a woman feel like the most beautiful and desirable woman in the world, and is never afraid to express their admiration and love.
  • Someone who would doesn’t mind being a part of my blogging family. Posting if he wanted to or just commenting on things that I had written, giving writing assignments when I am stuck in my words and needing assistance.