About Selina

img_5110Little’s come in all sizes, shapes and ages and identify as different things other than just a Little.  Some are subs with a little side.  Some are slaves, pets, or prefer to be identified not as a little but as a babygirl, or a Loita/middle.

Some are bratty, primal/feral, some require a LOT of care, some are VERY self-sufficient and require just a little.

When many think of a Little in the BDSM life style they more than likely envision someone in their late teens to early 20’s, paci’ in her mouth, pig tails on each side of her head, with a love of cutesy clothes, juice boxes, sippy cups, and wearing diapers.  she speaks in baby talk and looks like a beautiful little pixie doll just waiting to be picked up and carried around.  Come on, how could you not fall in love with a vision like that or not want one for your own?

Well let me kill your joy there…I’m not one of those kinds of girls.  I’m not bashing them, I love them as well and count a few as friends and can even direct you to a few websites where you can find them.  So what am I then?

  • I’m far from my 20’s…I’m 44 yrs old and proud of it!
  • I’m not pixie size, I’m plus sized
  • I enjoy juice boxes but I’ve been known to ask for a wine box if I run out of wine coolers (Giggle).
  • Do I enjoy a paci, yes but I also enjoy using my Daddy’s personal pole too
  • Do I wear a diaper? I’ve got a few more years before I need those hopefully but will keep you posted.

While I’m a little, I’m submissive to my partner in my romantic relationship.  Being a sub does not make me weak.  In fact, I would say that I am a strong/Alpha sub who is more than capable of caring for myself and my partner should the need arise.  I am his property but more than that…I am the Riker to his Picard (or the Spock to his Kirk if you’re not cool enough to like STNG).  I am his second in command and the one he turns to and relies on when he needs something.

In addition to my submissive needs, I have a strong slave desire to be owned by the one that I love.  I am most happy, content, and at peace when I have rules, structure, protocols, and guidance from him. Knowing his needs, expectations, and knowing that I have meet them makes my heart and soul smile.

I’m far from perfect mind you as I’ve been known to tell potential partners not to call me Princess because I’m really more of a Super Villain.  I can be a bit of a brat at times but NEVER in a way that is disrespectful to my Partner.  In MY book, babygirls/littles/subs who use “bratty” behavior as an excuse to disobey rules and disrespect their Dom are not serious about submitting but just wanting to play games and waste time.

I have a very strong primal/feline nature that is closely tied to my sensual/sexual nature which means that I have no issues with stalking my prey and taking what I want from time to time.  This can sometimes be seen as brattiness but I prefer to see it as a testament to my membership in the Super Villain league (Giggle)

You are probably thinking that this is a long way from the littles and babygirls that you have seen other places and that is my intent.  To show that not only you can be a Little after your 20’s but that you can be MORE than that.  There are many ways to being a Little in the BDSM life style so welcome to my journey in it.


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