A few months ago I realized that I’ve been writing this blog in one variation or another  for 5 years now.  It’s surprising how much has changed over that time.

Starting out, I didn’t image writing for so long nor could I ever have imagined the places my journey would take me.  I’ve gone from writing every day to taking a hiatus here and there to not feeling inspired to write anything due to lack of inspiration.

From my acceptance of being naturally submissive, to my closed minded assertion that I was “only” a sub and babygirl. To this point now where I am completely comfortable in the my personal acceptance that I am in fact a primal little slave.

I haven’t really been posting much over the last few months trying to find my vision for this next part of my journey. I can’t say that I will post every day, can’t say that I will post every week…but I will continue to share my thoughts for those that are interested in reading them when I really have something to share.

However, as you have noticed by now, when you come to my blog you land on this page. It’s not that I have anything to hide but rather I want to know who is reading my blog and encourage them to share their thoughts as I share mine.  

So, I invite you to hit the subscribe button and lets see where this new year will take us.

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